WiFi Hacking using Evil Twin Attacks and Captive Portals

 WiFi Hacking using Evil Twin Attacks and Captive Portals

WiFi Hacking using Evil Twin Attacks and Captive Portals

Learn advanced evil twin techniques using Captive Portals

What you’ll learn

  • Set Up an Access Point with a Captive Portal.
  • Create a Fake Captive Portal and use it to Steal Login Information.
  • Customizing the Captive Portal Page.
  • How to Sniff and Inject Packets into a Wireless Network.
  • Use Wireshark Filters to Inspect Packets.
  • Perform an Evil Twin Attack with Armageddon.
  • Stealing Social Media Accounts using a Captive Portal.
  • How to use DNS Spoofing and BeEF using WiFi Pumpkin.
  • Stealing Login Credentials from a WPA Enterprise Network.
  • Detect and Secure Your System from Evil Twin Attacks.


  • Computer with at least one wireless card to act as an access point.
  • Desire to learn.

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In this course I will show you how to create the most common and effective evil twin attacks using captive portals.

You’ll learn how to perform evil twin attacks on targets using a wide variety of tools, and create a captive portal that effectively steals the login credentials.

All the attacks in this course are highly practical and straight to the point.

By the time you’ve completed this course, you will know to create and customize your own evil twin attack for different scenarios.

Who this course is for:
  • For everyone who wants to learn Wi-Fi Hacking using Evil Twin Attacks.


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